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I have been following news and developing stories, using social media platforms to communicate my opinions about technology and recently the pandemic. It seems to me that medicine has been fully politicized and information about the pandemic has been controlled and directed by the established institutions. Many published studies and opinions that are dissenting from the official narratives have been suppressed and censored. This is a major change from our democratic and open culture. It is alarming to see such changes especially when it spreads into scientific and medical disciplines. I sense the need to counter this kind of monolithic and oppressive practice. If everything can be politicized then we are controlled by a hidden form of dictatorship as dangerous as the hardcore, easy-to-recognize oppression from the past or even more so.

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Investigating censored news and information about COVID-19, vaccine, mRNA vaccine, DNA vaccine, SARS-CoV-2, VAERS, vaccine adverse effects, biotechnology, medical technology, hightech, security.


Nalini Jensen

My interest is in news and stories that rarely get published or get censored by mainstream media, major Web portals, and established institutions. I worked in hightech industry for over two decades. My formal education was in medical sciences